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-Breathing & tone workshop (must know most of the notes on the flute; advanced beginner plus)

-Rhythm workshop (beginner/interm)

-Flute listening workshop (any level)

specify levels for each workshop; online or in person; max number of students in a session; can personalize a bit if necessary



-schools i've taught at

-why sectionals are useful (focused work on band music; tips and tricks of the flute trade; can give each flutist more attention than in rehearsal/class; preparation for band concerts or competitions)

-areas of Montreal i can travel to

-specialize in high school students



Untitled design.png

-not your traditional masterclass where the invited flutist is the star of the show

-goal is to provide a different way of looking at something

-basically a mini lesson that is public

-students aged 12 and up, any level

-online and in person

-specify max number of people, amount of time

-can be themed (slow pieces, rhythmic pieces, solo flute, etc.) or just general

-q&a at the end

Marble Surface


-steps to take to contact me/book me

-maybe a contact form itself?

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