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The Top 3 Music Stores in Montreal

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

As you may have read on my website's home page, I consider Montreal to be Canada's cultural capital, and nothing says culture like music! But if you're thinking of investing in learning and playing music, you'll need the right instrument, sheet music, and more. Not to worry -- I can tell you exactly where to go in our great city to get everything you'll need.

Store #1: Twigg Musique

Location: 1230 Rue St-Hubert (near Sainte-Catherine St. East)

Closest Metro Station: Berri-UQAM

Twigg Musique has everything you need as a wind player. Instruments, sheet music, repair-people, accessories, you name it, they have it. They've always carried great student and intermediate flutes but in the last few years, they've also acquired professional flutes of extremely high quality, such as Brannen, Powell, and Haynes. You can either purchase or rent their instruments.

Their staff is always super friendly and helpful. You can walk in during their opening hours and try out flutes until you find just the right one. My intermediate flute was a Yamaha purchased at Twigg, and it never let me down. In fact, the first time I ever tried a flute was when a representative from Twigg brought instruments to my elementary school for our new band!

This beautiful store also has a great team of repair-people, some of whom specialize in professional flutes (and Powells specifically). They've always been a huge help to me whenever I needed a quick repair, or an appointment for a larger repair or cleaning. Their fees are reasonable, which is important to us musicians! And their collection of accessories, such as music or instrument stands, cleaning cloths, reeds, metronomes, tuners, instrument cases, and more, is unparalleled for wind players. They may even be able to order a brand or model of a specific accessory you need just for you.

Finally, I want to mention the wonderful events held at this store. They hold an annual Yamaha sale/event that is extremely popular in the city. And last year, I attended an event held by a Sankyo Flutes representative. I was able to try out different flutes and headjoints, ask questions, eat some cheese and crackers, and even participate in a raffle to win various prizes. I ended up winning a free COA (clean/oil/adjust - the most thorough cleaning a flute can get) for my Powell flute! I had so much fun at the event and was extremely lucky to win that prize. Make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for information on events, sales, and more.

Store #2: Archambault

Primary Location: 510 St-Catherine St. East (near Berri St.)

Closest Metro Station: Berri-UQAM

Secondary Locations: 250 Jean-Talon East and 175 St-Catherine St. West

This large and multi-purpose store is coincidentally located a block away from Twigg Musique. Archambault is the best place to purchase sheet music in Montreal. They have a huge collection ranging from classical music to pop arrangements, and everything in between. They do also sell instruments but if purchasing a flute, I recommend Twigg. They have a large collection of CDs and DVDs of all genres of music and you can even listen to music at the store with headphones they provide.

It's easy to get lost in all the floors and sections of Archambault, but in a good way! Not only do they have massive amounts of sheet music and CDs, they also have books, stationery, games, toys, and home decorations. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in the store, however, you can check out their website (linked to their name above). They sometimes offer music online, to be shipped to your home, that isn't in their stores, though wait times can vary.

Make sure to check out their other, smaller locations, if you can't make it all the way to Berri. They have a store located inside of Place-des-Arts, which makes for a fun stop before you head to a symphony concert or ballet.

Store #3: Long and McQuade

Location: 10715 Boul. Pie-IX

Closest Bus Line: 140 (more accessible by car)

Long and McQuade is Canada's largest music retailer, with locations in every province. Their Montreal store is relatively small compared to their Laval location, but they still carry many instruments and accessories. Long and McQuade specializes more in guitars and other rock band instruments, but they do have all the professional flutes you may want on their website and in other locations in Canada, with the potential to request instruments be brought to a location closer to you.

Three years ago, I ended up going to one of their stores in Ottawa, after requesting three or four models of flutes from their Toronto store (which is huge). They let me bring two flutes home to test out (with a deposit, of course) and I returned a week later to purchase my current Powell Conservatory flute.

Everyone I've spoken to at all the locations I've been to has been friendly and helpful. When I had an issue with my flute, I was able to go to their Montreal location to ship it off to get cleaned in Ontario under their warranty. They took very good care of my flute while it was traveling to and from Ontario. They have a huge amount of accessories on their website that can be delivered to your home, as well as great deals on renting and purchasing their instruments.

So there you have it, folks, three music stores for all your instrument, sheet music, accessory, and repair needs! I'd be remiss not to include the store Pascal Veraquin, whose owner of the same name is a repairman for wind instruments. I've trusted my flute to him on many, many occasions and I've always been blown away by his craft. You can also purchase various accessories at his store.

I hope this information was useful to you and made you feel optimistic about investing in music learning. Of course, while we are still suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic, these stores are all temporarily closed, but I know that when they reopen, musicians all over Montreal will rejoice! (Make sure to check their websites for information on shipping options.) Happy music-making!

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