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Music is abstract, but learning to play the flute isn't.

Let me guess: you're a curious, music-loving person and you're having trouble turning your motivation into noticeable progress on the flute. Maybe you haven't played the flute before so you don't even know where to start. Do you ever wish you could learn the "secrets" of beautiful playing in an encouraging environment?

Yes? Well, then, I'm glad we found each other!

I'm here to teach you, an eager student, tangible tools and processes to level up your flute playing! I provide step-by-step ways you can confidently achieve your unique goals so you avoid spending years figuring out what "use your diaphragm" means (it's an involuntary muscle!) or how to "support your sound" (huh?!).

Throughout my 17 years of flute playing and 5 years of teaching, I've come to understand exactly what it takes to play beautifully on the flute, and though it does require lots of dedication, effort, and perseverance, it is much more achievable than you may think.

These lessons might be for you if:

  • You're a complete beginner (yay for trying new things!)

  • You have playing experience, but you've never taken lessons before (leveling up, yes!)

  • You used to play a long time ago, but you want to get back to basics with extra guidance (starting fresh feels so good!)

The girl plays the flute. Flute in the h

Welcome to Caitlin Berger's Flute Studio, a modern classical music learning space!

Here’s what you get when you study with me:

  • One-on-one weekly lessons in person*, tailored to meet your unique needs. You get my undivided attention and guidance in order to observe your progress, posture, and habits.

  • Weekly newsletters (click here for an example!) containing announcements, listening recommendations, flute tips, and more!

  • A practice journal so you can track your habits and goals and hit those playing milestones! (Only available for in-person lessons.)

*Due to COVID, lessons in person are only available to fully vaccinated students. Exceptions can be considered for children who are not eligible for the vaccine yet. [As of September 7, 2021]

For online lessons, or if you'd like a one-off or pre-determined amount of lessons, please click this link to bring you to the Just and Accessible Music School, a new, co-operative music school I co-founded in 2020!

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The confidence and trust you put in me will never be taken for granted.


I am aware that every single person is different and has a unique set of experiences and identities. Lessons with me are truly a safe and brave space for learning and feeling confident with who you are. I am sensitive to different learning styles and I will check in with you regularly during the lesson to make sure we are on the same page (and having fun!). It’s very important to me that students of any and all identities (race, gender, disability, etc.) feel welcomed and comfortable in my teaching space. You are deserving of respect and dignity no matter your musical knowledge or background, and I promise to honour that.

Need some extra encouragement?
Take a look at what past and present students and parents have to say!

Chloe (former student):

"Caitlin is a an incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and patient teacher. I took lessons with her over one summer to prepare for an audition and even after just a few weeks, already noticed lots of improvement in my playing! Caitlin gave me so many valuable tips and advice about performance anxiety especially and creates a safe space in lessons, where you can feel comfortable being vulnerable and build confidence as a performer. She really cares about her students and goes out of her way to be supportive. I highly recommend her, no matter what your level of playing is!"

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As a flute studio, we'll also have fun with:

  • Studio recitals at least twice a year - this is your time to shine and show your flute peers what you've been working on!

  • A yearly flute party/hangout during the December holiday season - we'll play musical games, share funny stories, and connect over hot chocolate and cookies!

  • Flute- and music-themed research projects - you get to discover all kinds of mesmerizing topics and share them during a flute studio hangout!

You can even add on theory and ear training lessons or chamber ensemble coachings to complement your flute lessons!

"I'm sold! How do I sign up?"

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Step 1:

Send me a message through my Contact page, letting me know you're interested in private lessons.

Step 2:

I will reply to you ASAP with my Studio Handbook, detailing everything you need to know about studying with me.

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Step 3:

Once you've read through the Handbook, we'll schedule a free 30-minute trial lesson to get to know each other better and confirm we're a good fit!

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Your monthly* lesson payment options are:




30-minute lessons




45-minute lessons




60-minute lessons

*This plan is based on four lessons per payment. Alternate payment arrangements as well as payment methods can be discussed during our initial meeting.