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As a freelance musician, my main passion is working on and producing solo and chamber recitals and projects, either by myself or with my musical partner Emilia. I love collaborating with local and young composers and connecting with audiences in an authentic, modern, and personal way.

If you're interested in hiring or collaborating with me/my ensemble for a performance or recording project, please don't hesitate to reach out via my Contact page! I'll be more than happy to work with you :)


Caitlin's Cozy Concerts

The concert series where you can remain cozy at home and not catch COVID 😉

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Caitlin's Cozy Concerts is a virtual concert series I created in August 2020. Every few months, you can find me live on YouTube, discussing a theme such as mythical creatures or nature with people in the chat. I also play some flute tunes, always featuring at least one composer of colour and/or non-male composer. Half of all the proceeds I receive each month go to either the Black Healing Fund or directly to Indigenous people in the Montreal area, as a form of reparations.

These concerts are a way for me to connect with audiences while staying safe at home, and to spotlight marginalized composers who deserve their place in the classical music canon. Lots of fun is always had in the chat, so come join us!

"Caitlin’s Cozy Concerts are an absolute delight. They are the perfect blend of music and learning more about injustices in the world and how to get more involved. The programming is always beautifully curated. I greatly appreciate how she features a woman and/or non-white composer every concert! I have been introduced to so many amazing pieces I never would’ve encountered if I hadn’t tuned in!

As a flutist who is a little out of practice, I love how the concerts connect me to classical music again and offer both connection with others and an opportunity to grow as a person! It is one of my favorite things to look forward to every month!"

-Jackie (audience member)

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Ensemble Camellia

Flute and clarinet duo with Emilia Segura

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Ensemble Camellia is made up of myself and clarinetist and friend Emilia Segura. Since meeting in the Montreal Youth Symphony Orchestra in 2014, we have performed together on numerous occasions, including during our studies at McGill University. In the fall of 2019, we created Ensemble Camellia to share the rarely played repertoire for flute and clarinet with Montreal audiences. After a break imposed by the pandemic, we've returned to our musical activities and are concocting future projects. We hope to

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Photo credit Laurena Segura

continue to grow the repertoire for flute and clarinet by collaborating with local composers. You can contact us here or by emailing


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